How to Grow Your Home Based Business

   One of the easiest ways to go into business for yourself is to start a business you can run from your home. A home-based business is typically more convenient and cost-effective than a traditional business. However, it’s also important to remember that you can only take it so far without expanding in some way.… Read More »

The Importance of Work and the Value of Work Ethic

   Work is important to every functioning society. There are different types of work that serve different purposes and fulfill different roles. With that said, certain people within a society will be more suited for some types of work than others. They will possess skills that others won’t have and vice versa. People are also… Read More »

7 Powerful Tips for Managing Your Time

   If you’re running any type of home-based business, you probably spend lots of time running around like a chicken without a head. It can be hard in the beginning, but it’s supposed get easier over time. If not, you might have to make some changes. Here are some tips to help you manage your… Read More »

10 Ways to Automate Your Home Based Business

   In case you haven’t noticed yet, it’s become easier to automate tasks that used to take up a ton of time. The result is that for all its pros and cons, there has never been a better time to run a home-based business than right now. Technology has made it possible to run various… Read More »

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Data Safe

   Running a business in today’s world comes with its own unique set of complexities. To remain competitive, you must have some type of online presence. Of course, this means exposing your data in ways that were not a problem just a few short decades ago. Fortunately, just as there are problems, there are also… Read More »

Monetizing Your Skills and Talents

Due to the current health crisis, millions of people are out of work and unsure of what the future might bring. Furloughed employees wonder if they will even have a job to go back to and business owners wonder if their entrepreneurial dreams will be crushed for good. So if you’re looking for a new… Read More »

What Does It Mean to Be a Professional?

   When most of us think of professionals, we tend to associate them with success. Whether we visualize them wearing suits or distinctive uniforms, most would agree that they enjoy a respectable income, well-developed skills, and some degree of prestige. But where do you draw the line between a knowledgeable amateur and a true professional?… Read More »

Why You Should Start a Home Based Business

   There are many reasons why someone might want to start a home-based business. Some do it to get wealthy, though this is never guaranteed. Others do it for extra money, such as to supplement their day job. Creative people do it because they have great ideas that would otherwise never see the light of… Read More »

8 Best Home Based Businesses for 2021

   Not long ago, there were only so many types of businesses you could start at home. Before the birth of the Internet, an aspiring entrepreneur needed a physical storefront from which to sell their goods and services. Even offering products through a mail-order system required paper catalogs that had to be printed and mailed… Read More »

Stressed and Fatigued: 24 Hr News and Social Media

The reason I chose this topic is because I noticed something different about myself this morning. I stepped away from both news and social media a couple of days ago and I feel wonderful. To be honest, I almost feel like a new man and for someone who’s almost 50, that’s quite an accomplishment. So… Read More »